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Health and nutrition started at a very early age for me. My father became a raw food vegan in Australia in the 1950! – which was particularly unfashionable!

Growing up my father would show my sister and I about the different properties of foods and how every food has an electrical energy. He would stick two wires from a small electric motor in a raw food and the motor would start spinning. Then we would put the wire on our tongue – and the electricity in our bodies would start the small motor spinning again. Showing how all living things are driven by electricity and that we are what we eat. But then we would stick the wires in some boiled potato and nothing would happen – the life force had been cooked out and killed.

One of my earliest memories was sitting around the kitchen table after a meal with my sister and father. We had two families that we were good friends with – each family had 5 people in them. My father said “Do you notice how there is never a time when someone from one of these two families isn’t ill?”

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It was true – someone was always ill with something! Then he said “Do you also notice that we are never ill?” That was true too! “It’s got to do with the foods that you eat.” he finished.

All my early life has been about 50% raw. We ate salad and several fruits everyday growing up. I had my first and last flu at the age of 22 when I was at University. I attribute this to going off the rails somewhat and eating more cooked foods. I wasn’t eating that bad – I just ate what would be considered a more normal diet for the rest of the population. 3 days in bed was enough for me! I promptly returned to raw vegetables and fruits. I did have some headaches about 15 years ago when I was on a 50% raw diet (with some silly stuff in there too – my mother comes from a traditional Dutch family) But I’ve found that as I have increased the amount of plants that I eat to about 100% of my diet I never get headache, coughs, colds, flus anymore.

I started making food for my family at a very early age. None of my family were really great home chef’s, although my Mum made some great food for special occasions. Somehow I was inspired to create some recipes in the kitchen.

At the age of 16 my dentist told me I needed to have my first filling. But I wasn’t so impressed by his diagnosis – even though I could see the hole in my tooth on the
x-ray. So I thought that if I just cut out all refined sugar (not that I was eating much anyway) from my diet then I wouldn’t have to worry about having a filling. So I did.
Funnily enough – I went back to the exact same dentist two years later – who took the x-rays again, and he couldn’t find the hole he told me needed filling two years previous! Proving that teeth do have some healing capacity when we stop battering them everyday with refined and cooked foods.

I worked in the kitchens of several restaurants throughout my late teens and early twenties. But every time I knew it would be the downfall of my health. I would have to make everything for the diners; including deep-fried ice creams and worse! I knew a career as a traditional chef was just way too unhealthy for me.

I did what I call the caveman diet for about 6 years – just eat raw foods as they are pulled out of the ground and picked off the trees. That diet certainly worked for my health. But I found it very boring. And when my family would come and visit they would bring a huge pot of food for themselves. Nobody enjoys eating like a caveman! –not even me! I really learned that to be healthy on a consistent basis – you must learn how to make healthy foods taste amazing.

So back into the kitchen I went and started studying with some of the great Italian and Raw Food chef’s. Now everybody wants to eat what I make because they find it so delicious! And it’s also therapeutically healthy too!

From a nutritional perspective. I grew up with cutting edge health education, then I conducted my own 20 years of research, and continue to be a voracious student of leading edge health and medical science. I have coached hundreds of clients to health transformation success and most importantly avoid the many potential pitfalls of a raw food diet. That is a level of experience and understanding that is not going to be duplicated anyone any time soon.

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