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>Are there health problems and ailments you’d rather not have?
>Do you want to turbo-charge your vitality?
>Do you wish to make healthy eating fun and tasty?

This 1-day class is for you because you will discover:

  • How to get 3 to 5 more hours of energy each day
  • How to increase your intelligence
  • How to get more drive in life (boost your neurotransmitters of drive)
  • How to improve your memory (the essential nutrient of memory)
  • How to get rid of period pains
  • How to wave bye bye to health problems large and small
  • How to become happier (increase the neurotransmitter of joy)
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  • How to lose unwanted flab, keep it off for the long-term and enjoy the process (some of my students have lost as much as 28kg of unwanted bodyfat)
  • How to have beautiful skin
  • How to increase your creativity
  • How to enjoy freedom from headaches, coughs, colds and flu’s (by improving your immune system and eliminating the cause)
  • How to improve your digestive powers (if you have ever taken antibiotics, this is critical for you)
  • How to get in the best shape of your life
  • How to avoid disease (some students have even got rid of so called ‘incurable’ diseases)
  • How to become more sociable and more organised

“Peter, I have found the whole day great value for money. I have learnt a tremendous amount about nutrition, and am amazed at how tasty and satisfying raw food can be. Particularly excited about the sweet foods, and particularly the fact that I can put chocolate back into my diet, as I thought that to be healthy I had to eliminate those naughty foods from my diet.
I feel really tremendous about the whole day!!
Really impressed + inspired!”

Andy Webb

During this full day of live food preparation and demonstrations you will be eating and drinking the most delicious foods

  • Discover the foods that will impact your health and life the most
  • See them being prepared into delicious recipes
  • Eat and enjoy the taste sensations!

You will learn how to take full nutritional and culinary advantage of:

Natures Prozac – FEEL ON TOP OF THE WORLD, build your brain chemistry and never get depressed by eating this seed

The little berry (only known product on the planet) that REVERSES brain degeneration and INCREASES YOUR MEMORY

Natures Answer to Viagra, the long lasting APHRODISIAC root that grows on mountains

Increase your ability to ABSORB NUTRIENTS BY 9 TIMES – the food in the clouds


Eat 3 of these nuts per day and automatically SLASH your chances of getting cancer by 50%

SKYROCKET YOUR ANTIOXIDANT LEVELS before exercise – drink this ancient drink 30 minutes before

The South American seed that makes you HAPPY and CLEVER.

The little red berry that tells your body to secrete the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH HORMONE that makes you young and vital. (Necessary for anyone over 30).

THE HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT FOODS IN THE WORLD – 30 times higher than green tea, oranges and red wine -Become immune to oxidative stress by eating this south American bean and Tibetan berry

“I came to find out more about healthy eating. I thought I knew quite a lot but after today I realise I need to learn so much. I was really excited and stimulated all day. The food was out of this world. Unbelievably scrummy. Peter and his staff worked at feeding our minds and bodies all day”

Nora Magee

Double your beauty and increase your good looks: SKIN, HAIR and NAILS – with the secret element found in rainwater (but not in tap water or bottled water).

How to BUILD INCREDIBLE BLOOD. After lunch on the day you will have a full explanation with photos of how incredible blood and therefore BRAIN POWER and ENERGY is created or destroyed.

How to DOUBLE YOUR FERTILITY by eating this radish. One of the best indicators of your health is your fertility. They go hand in hand since the whole of nature’s scheme for you is to be strong and a healthy enough to reproduce – or otherwise eliminate you with death and disease and make room for the young studs and vixens.

SLASH your chances of getting Heart Disease – the west’s biggest killer in HALF by eating some of this oil from the sea

Anti viral, anti parasitical, and anti fungal – protect yourself from all things nasty with this oil from the Caribbean.

Get 50 TIMES THE AMOUNT of MINERALS compared to farmer grown foods – nutritious foods that grow everywhere and won’t cost you a penny

REJUVENATE YOUR BODY, MAKE YOUR CELLS YOUNG and SKIN BEAUTIFUL – this food from the deserts is the answer


In addition you will discover how to prepare, eat and learn the following:

THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE slow down the rate of ageing, live longer, improve your brain power and increase your heart health!

“I am totally converted to trying completely raw food as it was truly a delight for the senses, eyes and taste buds. It reminded us the food can be fun, nurturing + delicious with no guilt attached. Thanks for injecting the fun back into eating healthy + giving us a real incentive to continue growing our vitality.

This is also a uniquely effective learning process at multi-sensory levels, auditory, kinaesthetic and visual. Seeing the beautiful colours + textures + food being prepared, tasting it + hearing the nutritional information about it. This is the best way for people to learn and retain information. Well done! ”

Susanne Meis

Introduction to THERAPEUTIC JUICING and how to make tasty drinks.

A confusion of dietary ideas: Atkins, muscle building, ph/alkaline, glycemic, ORAC/ antioxidant, vitamins and minerals, cleansing, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, carnivore – what messages can we take from these contradicting theories about how to create a perfect diet.

SUPERFOODS and Whole food Superstars – the foods that change your destiny.

In this live demonstration Peter teaches the fundamentals of dramatic health improvement in his fun and intimate style. His methods have been medically verified as being exceptional for any human that adopts them. And you will learn how to turbo-charge and transform the health of yourself, your family and friends

But dont just take my word for it! Heres what the previous attendees said:

I'm an old school foodie spellbound by the vitality, creativity and nutritional common sense of Peter Pure's, Raw Food Party! - A tantalising tour of a nutritional feast - this one day workshop is THE perfect introduction to raw food
Jenny Black
Thank you for a fabulous fun day, full of nutritional gourmet delights and words of wisdom. Inspirational, and great value: cannot wait for the follow-on courses. Congratulations, I loved every minute.
Radha Williams
Today was an eye-opener on the various things we can do with natural, raw food to make it enjoyable for everyone. Seeing it all being prepared in front of you while having the benefits explained to you brought it all home especially when you finally taste the results.
Between the salads and the mango raw chocolate sauce desert, the whole day was pleasing to the mouth and filling to the belly. The time passed quickly too.
Once you taste this stuff, you will see no real reason NOT to bring it into your daily life.
Dean Clark

Where: Central London

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How Much? Even though over 300 have attended the day for just 247, If you call us NOW you get the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and save 50 - just 197

Phone us on 01733 759648 and book your seats straight away because the start of the year is always our busiest time when people want and need to improve their health, and we can only accommodate 20 people maximum per class – first come first served!

Check it Out for Yourself

When you consider my average client will experience less headaches and colds than ever before – quite often none at all. They have a lot more energy and require up to 3 hours less sleep per night. Their skin will improve, and they will experience more mental clarity and calmness day to day. These benefits alone make this course an outstanding investment because you’ll have so much more energy and clarity to pursue the other important things in your life*

Better Than Risk Free Guarantee

Attend my Raw Food Nutrition Party! and check it out for yourself. If by the end of desert at lunch time (around 1pm) you don’t feel as if my course is good value for money you may leave and I will promptly issue you a full refund. In addition, to thank you for taking your time and energy to spend with me I will also give you my £10 raw food work book for free – yours to keep and take home with you.

Click here to view Raw Food Party dates.

To Your Health
Peter Pure

P.S. Limited seats due to small group. Because you need to get a good view of how the foods are prepared, and because I’m the one who will be making all the food to keep you full all day long there are only limited seats available. 20 to be precise. When they’re gone they’re gone. – so book your seats now and phone us on 01733 759648

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*This is what most clients who follow through on a raw food diet experience. It is not however any guarantee or promise that you will also experience the same.